A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote in projectdoom,
A dark storm raging

Yes, I already have a project completed. And it was conceived in a Kasschat, no less!

Problem: I'm ultra-paranoid about leaving my piccolo in the car, but the case doesn't have a handle and is just the right size to be a pain in the ass to carry around.


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The Piccpocket!

Made in a flurry of activity Sunday night and Monday morning when I should have been working on my latest scarf. The yarn is 100% acrylic leftovers in Ravenclaw blue. The base and shoulder strap are in single crochet, while the sides and top are chain stitched. The sides (except for the fortifications along the corners are a continuous chain, stitched into itself at the joins to make the hourglass pattern. The top is similarly done in a plain zigzag.

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The Piccpocket is totally enclosed, but several of the side holes are large enough to admit the piccolo case...

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...until the weight of the case stretches the holes too thin.

There are one or two spots that could use an extra crossbeam, and I'm thinking about adding ultralight boning to the strap to help with the weight distribution, but I tried it out yesterday and it works pretty well for something I knocked out on the fly.
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