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Project DOOM

The Kasschat Crafting Community

Project Doom : The Kasschat Crafting Community
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The quickie version that will be cleaned up later:

This community is brought to you by Kasschat Productions, spreading the bad places to your happy places since some time in the late ninties.

Basically, those of us who craft have been getting more and more vocal about our crafts. This isn't bad, but it's much easier to post a link once in a community rather than every time a new person enters the chatroom. As of right now, I'm only listing yarn-ish hobbies because that's what I think we've all been doing. If you do decoupage, or build things out of popsicle sticks or whatever, just whap me upside the head and I'll add it to the list.

If you have no idea what a Kasschat is, but you happen to build cthulu models out of toothpicks or wonder about how to make anatomically correct plushies, feel free to join up! Just please be aware that some of the content will be adult in nature.


Border image used in this journal by LaceFairy.